Pure beginning

The Aqua d’Or source can be traced back to the end of the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago, when Denmark’s gigantic glaciers began melting into perfect, pure water.

Pure time

Every time a snowflake or a raindrop falls in our territory, it works its way slowly through the soil, being filtered.

A gentle process that takes 300 years until the water reaches the Aqua d’Or source far below the surface. Even the newest water in the source is formed by rain that dates back to the times well before the industrial age.

Pure protection 

The Aqua d’Or source lies at a depth of 160 metres, in the cosy embrace and protection of pristine Danish soil.  Every drop is filtered for 300 years, which ensures a unique level of purity.

Pure water 

The water’s 300-year filtration process ensures that Aqua d’Or natural mineral water is naturally pure, has a light mineral content (150 mg/l at 180 °C), naturally neutral pH (7) and low hardness (6 °dH).